Residencia Temporal

Applications for Temporary Residence permits must be submitted from abroad, except for those applications referring to the subcategory of family reunification and the subcategories based on humanitarian reasons, which may also be submitted within the national territory.

The subcategories of a Residencia Temporal are established in Law No. 21.325 of the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security.

Holders of this permit are entitled to apply for Residencia Definitiva, with the exception of those with permits for seasonal workers, permits for foreigners under the custody of the Chilean Gendarmerie, permits for foreigners who are in Chile by order of the national Courts of Justice and permits for foreigners undergoing medical treatment.

Family reunification permit

This permit enables a foreigner who can prove that he/she has family ties with a Chilean or with a foreigner having a Residencia Definitiva to apply for Residencia Temporal. These applicants are required to have one of the following relationships with the Chilean or foreigner with Residencia Definitiva:

- Spouse or another person who has a marriage-like relationship with them
- Father or mother
- Minor child
- Child with a disability
- Unmarried child under the age of 24 years old who is studying
- Minor under his/her personal care or guardianship

Permit for foreigners who carry out legal remunerated activities

This permit may be granted to foreigners who wish to settle in Chile for a limited period of time, in order to carry out legal remunerated activities under a subordinate or dependent relationship. This permit may also be requested by those foreigners who intend to perform legal remunerated activities on their own account but do not correspond to the migratory subcategory of investors.

Permit for foreigners seeking to settle in the country for the purpose of studying in an educational establishment acknowledged by the State

Foreigners requesting this permit must submit their application from abroad with all the information that proves the existence of a properly documented matriculation in higher education establishments acknowledged by the State of Chile. They must prove sufficient economic support to cover the expenses of their stay in the country during the period of residence. Holders of this permit may carry out legal remunerated activities for up to 30 hours per week without the need to obtain authorization to do so.

Permit for seasonal workers

This permit is granted to foreigners who intend to enter Chile to perform specific seasonal work for limited, one-time, or inter-annual periods.

Permit for pensioners

This permit may be issued to foreigners who, in accordance with the regulations of their country of residence, have obtained a retirement pension, provided that it allows at least their basic needs during their stay in the country, according to the rates estimated by the Ministry of Social Development and Family.

Permit for rentiers

This permit may be issued to foreigners who have a steady income generated by the exploitation of real estate or financial assets. In both cases, the amount must be received on a regular basis, and serve to satisfy at least the basic needs of the applicant during his/her stay in the country, according to the rates estimated by the Ministry of Social Development and Family.

Permit for investors and related staff

This permit can be applied for by foreign persons, legal representatives, and persons who perform management functions in a foreign company. The minimum investment amount is 500,000 U.S. dollars or its equivalent in other currencies, and the investment must be aimed at providing goods or services. Likewise, this application may be submitted by persons in management positions or technical professionals working for a company based in Chile that can have different legal forms and in which a foreign investor holds at least 10% of the shares.


  • Permit for work opportunities
  • Permit for foreigners subject to the custody of the Gendarmería de Chile
  • Permit for foreigners who are in Chile by order of national Courts of Justice
  • Permit granted for humanitarian reasons (victims of human trafficking, victims of domestic or gender violence, victims of illicit trafficking of migrants, pregnant foreign women, unaccompanied children, and adolescents)
  • Permit for persons privileged by international agreements
  • Permit for religious persons of officially recognized cults
  • Permit for foreigners undergoing medical treatment
  • Permit for former holders of definitive residence
  • Multiple-entry business permit
  • Permit for refugees and political asylum seekers

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