Buying a property in Chile is quite a complex procedure and should always be accompanied by an experienced advisor and lawyer. Foreigners can buy real estate in Chile almost without any restrictions, even when they are traveling the country as tourists. They have to present their individual Chilean tax number (called R.U.T. , Rol único tributario), which one gets also as a tourist with proof of a local address.

Local real estate agents offer their services, sales signs on the street point to properties, some webpages are specialized in offering real estate, and last but not least you will find current offers published in newspapers. It is a good idea to get your perspective of the market situation. Data about sold properties are not available.

Before signing a contract, even before making an offer, a lot of documentation about or for the property should be investigated. The land register describing the property's title does not contain all the necessary information. Some information has to be checked for 30 years before.

There are different land registers for property rights and water rights.

The notary does not have any obligation to advise, he is only responsible for the legalization and registration of the purchase contract.

Our associate company Araucanía-Propiedades Ltda will be happy to assist you in finding a property to rent or buy.

The pictures for the real estate section were provided by an architect from Pucón and a construction company from Villarrica:
Daniel Marín Dañobeitia, Arquitecto PUCV |
Harald Keutmann, Constructora Keutmann Ltda. |