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Can I set up a company in Chile?

Individuals holding a valid temporary residence permit can establish a company but need a Chilean or foreigner with permanent residency as their legal representative. Special prerequisites are required for those who apply for their visa in the investor`s category.

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Can I study in Chile?

If you are planning to study in Chile, you must first contact a university acknowledged by the Chilean state in order to apply. On the basis of admission, you can subsequently apply for a temporary residence permit. Please be aware that universities usually require a very good knowledge of the Spanish language.

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What are the requirements to work in Chile?

Individuals intending to work in Chile must first sign a contract with a Chilean employer that complies with the legal requirements. After signature and notarization by the employer, the foreign employee must have the offered contract countersigned at the responsible Chilean embassy in his country. This contract serves as a basis for the application for a work visa.

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Can I engage in remunerated activities holding a visa as a dependent?

Chile's new immigration law allows holders of a temporary residency (Residencia Temporal) to engage in paid activities as a dependent.

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Emigrating to Chile as a pensioner: Is it worth it?

There is a special immigration category for pensioners, the requirements of which must be met. There is no age limit and Spanish language skills are not required. Especially older people are treated very friendly and respectfully by the Chileans.

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Can I bring my pets to Chile when I emigrate?

In compliance with the legal requirements, the import of dogs, cats and ferrets is possible without any problems. For other animal species, the import must be clarified individually.

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How do I apply for my Chilean identity card?

You have to apply for your Chilean identity card, the "cédula de identidad" at the “Registro Civil” of your place of residence in Chile. Please book an appointment online in advance:

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How does the Chilean health insurance system work?

The health insurance system in Chile offers two options. On the one hand, there is public health insurance, the FONASA (El Fondo Nacional de Salud), which can be obtained in all cases, regardless of age. On the other hand, the ISAPREs (Instituciones de Salud Previsional) are private health insurances that offer different insurance benefits packages. In this case, however, there are age limits for new applicants.

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I have applied for my Residencia Permanente/Definitiva more than 2 years ago. When can I expect a reply from the authorities?

Due to the delays caused by SARS-CoV-2 and the changes in the immigration authorities' system, long processing times are still considered normal at the moment. However, make sure that you have a valid document that confirms that your application is being processed at any time. You can download this document from the electronic system of the
"Servicio Nacional de Migraciones".

What is the validity date of the documents I must upload for my visa application?

Documents are valid for 60 days from the date of issuance in general. The exception is for private documents, which are only valid for 30 days.

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