If you are thinking about emigrating to Chile, first, you must study the country and its people, and then the possibilities of achieving your goal. This requires a detailed study of the immigration possibilities and the corresponding requirements, the determination of one's own path, the setting of a time schedule, and the collection of necessary documents to finally submit the application for a visa.

Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible and to familiarize you with the current regulations as well as the immigration process itself.

The Chilean government has announced a new immigration law replacing the previous Decree-law 1094, enacted in 1975. In November 2021, Law No. 21.325 was approved with detailed regulations. A complimentary executive decree was announced in February 2022. As of February 12, 2022, all applications and other procedures must comply with this new law. Other decrees have also been issued to complement the application of this law.

According to Article 26 of the new Immigration and Foreigners Law No. 21.325, there are the following three immigration categories for foreigners:

The law considers two different scenarios:

A Permiso de Permanencia Transitoria is a temporary residence permit that the applicant applies for with the intention of not settling in Chile as a resident.

The Permiso de Residencia Temporal and the Permiso de Residencia Definitiva, on the other hand, are for persons who intend to move to Chile for a limited period of time or permanently. In both cases, the applicant must first apply for the so-called “Residencia Temporal”. Those who wish to remain permanently in the country must apply for the Residencia Definitiva after spending the predefined time in the country, complying with all the necessary requirements.

More information on the categories and subcategories can be found in the links above.


According to the new immigration law, all applications now have to be submitted online.
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As this is a very complex subject, we offer you to discuss with us your ideas, plans, and requirements for a possible immigration process in a video conference.

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