Permanencia Transitoria

The Permanencia Transitoria is issued to foreigners who enter Chile without the intention of settling in the country. It authorizes them to remain in the national territory for a limited period of time. Holders of these types of visas are not allowed to carry out any paid activities in general, but an exceptional permit may be applied for in some cases. They are valid for up to 90 days. Yet, they may be limited but they may also be extended for up to an additional 90 days one time. This extension must be applied for at least ten days prior to the expiration of the original permit. In addition, the validity of this permit cannot exceed the expiration date of the passport or travel document.

Citizens of some countries must ask for a permit before entering Chile at the embassy of their country of origin, while some may have to pay a fee when entering the country. The country itself may also establish special conditions for entry like during the pandemic. It is advisable to clarify these conditions with the airline concerned.

Every foreigner who enters the country as a holder of a Permanencia Transitoria must prove the licit resources of sustenance that allow his/her stay in the country, according to the amount defined for such purpose by the National Immigration Service through resolution. In no case may this amount exceed the average individual daily expense published by the Undersecretary of Tourism for the immediately preceding year, depending on the reason for the trip.

For a permit of this type of visa, the law considers different immigration subcategories. If you have any questions regarding such a permit, do not hesitate to contact us through our General Enquiries Forms.

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Permit for recreational purpose
This permit includes persons entering the country with the intention of visiting Chile as a tourist, for recreation, or with other similar intentions. The country has a lot to offer in this respect. Both adventurers and those seeking to relax will find what they are looking for.

Permit for sports purposes
This permit allows entry into the country for foreign citizens participating in sporting events, expeditions, training for sporting events, or other similar activities.

Permit for Health Purposes
This permit allows entry into the country for foreigners undergoing medical treatment. In some cases, it may be necessary to apply for a Residencia Temporal.

Permit for study purposes
This permit allows foreign students who wish to study in the country for a period of fewer than 90 days or persons entering to carry out studies for scientific purposes to enter the country. This permit is also ideal for students who wish to do an internship related to their studies. Foreign students seeking to settle in the country for a longer period should apply for a Residencia Temporal.

Commercial Management Permit
Permit for persons entering the country for the purpose of establishing commercial or business contacts. In case this visit generates income, an additional permit must be applied for in order to be able to carry out remunerated activities.

Permit for Family Purposes
This permit includes family visits not exceeding 90 days. For family reunifications, a Residencia Temporal. must be applied for.

Permit for crew members
This permit includes crew members of vessels, aircraft, and land or railroad transportation vehicles belonging to companies engaged in the international transportation of passengers and cargo.

There are several other reasons to apply for a Permanencia Transitoria:

  • Permits agreed upon in international agreements issued by Chile
  • Permits for foreigners living in border areas
  • Permits in case of conditional entry
  • Permits for official residents
  • Permits for public entertainment personnel
  • Permits for personnel of sporting events
  • Permits for lecturers
  • Permits for consultants
  • Permits for technical experts