The temporary residence visa is granted to foreigners with interest in Chile and whose residence is considered useful and convenient for the country. This type of visa allows any legal activity to be carried out in Chile and is granted for a term of one year, renewable for up to one additional year.

There are different categories of temporary visas and their granting depends on the immigration authority in charge of reviewing and validating the background of each applicant. Our firm can advise you to successfully apply for the visa that best suits your situation and needs.

1. Temporary visa for investors and businessmen

Aimed at entrepreneurs, investors and businessmen who travel to Chile in order to invest or do business in the country.
If you want to start a business or have a company in your country and want to expand your market, Chile offers an excellent opportunity for the development of your projects, with the guarantee of a serious and trustworthy legislation, reliable institutions and highly trained professionals.

2. Temporary Visa for retirees

Foreigners who can prove that they receive a pension in their country of origin may apply for this type of visa. It is not necessary to take medical examinations or to prove that you are fluent in Spanish. Chile has a great variety of climates and landscapes, safe cities with good connectivity, as well as excellent medical services. These characteristics make it a perfect destination for those who want to enjoy their pension, with lower living costs than in Europe or North America, and where you will have all the services and facilities to which you are accustomed. In Chile, neither a language test nor a health test is required, which could lead to problems in old age.

3. Temporary Visa for foreigners with ties to Chileans

It can be applied for by foreigners who are the children, father, mother or spouse of a Chilean citizen.
Chile is interested in obtaining ties with its own emigrants and their families. The new rules will facilitate the reunion with their roots.

4. Temporary Visa for professionals and technicians of superior level

Aimed at university or technical professionals with a minimum of 1,600 academic hours and enables them to reside in Chile and carry out any lawful activity. Their knowledge and experience are of great interest to Chile, a country that opens its doors to professionals and technicians who come to contribute to the development and growth of its economy.

5. Other temporary visas

There are other visa categories for religious purposes, persons requiring medical treatment, or minors, each of which has specific requirements.