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Chile – the Perfect Place to enjoy as Pensioner/Retiree

Chile is a desirable destination for those wishing to enjoy their well-deserved retirement. Due to its geography, the country has several climatic zones, and thus a variety of scenic beauty to offer. The leisure value is relatively high, especially for those who love untouched nature, and everyone can find their special place here.

There are numerous opportunities for those who enjoy sports, especially passionate hikers will find what they are looking for. There are also plenty of recreation offers, as many thermal pools and other wellness facilities invite you to relax. Gourmets will find a wide range of local and international cuisine. Culturally interested visitors can choose between numerous museums covering a wide range of themes, and cultural events are also very popular in Chile. Seven places in the country are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are worth a visit at any time. Comfortable and stress-free travel within the country is guaranteed by a reliable bus network with very well-equipped vehicles.

Chile has one of the most efficient healthcare systems in South America. Up to a certain age limit, getting private insurance is possible. All pensioners and retirees have access to national insurance without the exclusion of previous illness for a flat monthly amount of currently less than 30 Euro/month. Older people are generally very much appreciated and in many places are given priority over younger people, for example in banks and when shopping.

From a political perspective, Chile is one of the most stable countries in South America, and it also leads the ranking of South American countries in terms of security, just behind Uruguay. This is reflected in the Global Peace Index 2022, published annually by the Institute for Economics and Peace. This year’s inflation rate, measured through November 2022, was 13,338% in Chile (

Chile provides a specific immigration category for retirees and pensioners. Compared to other countries, the requirements are quite easy to fulfil. For example, neither proof of health nor Spanish language skills are required. To emigrate to Chile, you must first apply for a temporary residence permit. As professional consultants, we will be happy to assist you in preparing for this first step into your new home country.

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